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Name Phone / Fax Rooms
Venus Palace +961 5 501523 / +961 5 523525 24+



The town is well known for its agricultural and commercial activities. The square is the central market of the town with many stores along the main road. The market is mostly active at summer time since some of the residents leave the town to spend winter season in Beirut. The stores varies between food stores, clothing, hair salons, furniture, gas stations, restaurants etc... Business hours are usually from 9 am till 5 pm on weekdays and closed on Sundays.


Residents in Kfarnabrakh depend on their own vehicles for transportation in addition to the public transportation service which is available to residents according to this schedule:

  • Beirut-Kfarnabrakh line number: 31

  • Itinerary: Cola > Khalde > Damour > Kfarhim > Deir El Qamar > Kfarnabrakh

  • Availability: Daily Except Sundays & holidays, every half hour from 6 am till 7 pm, at both ends

  • Roundtrip fare: 1,000 LP ($.66USD)

Click on Bus Timetable to view the official bus line web page with the latest information.

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Post Office

The nearest post office to Kfarnabrakh is the Beiteddine Centre de Postes & Telecom

Phone / Fax: 05-500006


Name Activity
Kfarnabrakh Women Development Committee
Social Health care center
Women Charitable League
Al Jamiya Al Nissaiya Dispensary

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