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Let cooperation be our stimulator for work

This website is being developed to improve the communication and build community around the residents, family members and friends of the town of Kfarnabrakh, Lebanon. This is a cooperative site that is built upon the contribution of the entire Kfarnabrakhians throughout the world. We look forward to and graciously accept written contributions from everyone who wants to participate. In doing so we give the opportunity to the community to exchange ideas and information that would be helpful in strengthening our bonds and enhancing the communication amongst us. Additionally the site would provide us the opportunity to keep everyone updated on current events in our beloved town. Let's work together and make this website a source of pride for all of us.

  Kfarnabrakh.com is a website covering Kfarnabrakh town in the Chouf casa in Mount Lebanon.

The mission behind Kfarnabrakh.com website is to provide a complete biography "as much as possible" of Kfarnabrakh town that people may find it educational, amusing and useful and to elaborate to the world part of the Lebanese towns' history and lifestyles.

The KfarnabrakhOnline.com effort is led by a Kfarnabrakh's native currently residing in Los Angeles, USA.

This project is a cooperative effort among its author, author's brothers, friends, web-site visitors and other sources.

Special thanks to my wife, my son and my daughter for the time I've had to spend away from them, while I was busy working on building this site, and to my brothers for their advices and continuous support that provided me encouragement and added the persistence in me to complete this project.

Not to forget all friends, and all visitors on their comments and suggestions that have helped improve this website.
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